Welcome to The Oak Academy Trust

Our moral obligation is to help our children become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

What would a school in The Oak Academy Trust look like?

Each school will remain unique and true to its historical context and traditions.

All schools will have their own individual identity which will be encouraged to flourish further.

The journey each of us will take on this road will and should differ but with the outcome that each school will improve and be better than they already are.

Each school will apply the same intensity in order to grow and succeed and will act with intention and passion in order to ensure that the education our children receive is the best we can provide.

So, each school will not look the same; but each school will apply themselves with the same clarity and focus to the development journey they are on.

Academy Conversion Process

Want to learn more about the academy conversion process and to hear the experiences and lessons learned from a school team who have recently converted?

Want to hear about the journey since conversion and how that has had a positive impact upon the children and staff team?

Please email
James Everett (CEO – james@theoakacademytrust.co.uk ) or
Nicky Schofield (Director of Business and Finance – nicky@theaokacademytrust.co.uk )

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